Set a Goal you want to Reach

Set your actual Goal of your life

Your Life is not a matter of rest. World is running, so you need to run with it. To chess your goal you have to be more punctual and dedicated to time and your duty.

Regularity is another matter can promote your life to success. In their life only those are successful whose are maintain their regularity in every case of work field.

Don't think that your life will reach in your goal automatically.
It will never happen. You have to choose what you will do for reaching to your objective or focus. 

Bill gates, Juker Berg, Steve Jobs no one wouldn't successful without any costs. They were motivated themselves and worked for their dream. They made their dream with only hard work.

To chase your goal first choose your passion, Research that, Find the threat of that goal, Start work with that and be winner be Successful.

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